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North Devon
Dog Care

Coastal K9’s North Devon dog care delivers tailored walking, sitting, and bespoke doggy services in our stunning local landscapes. Focused on your pet’s happiness and safety, we offer personalized care, ensuring each experience enriches your dog’s life. Trust Coastal K9 for exceptional canine adventures and attentive care.

North Devon Dog Walking - Coastal K9

Group Dog

Embark on group walks where your furry friends enjoy socializing and exploring North Devon’s beautiful beaches and long trails together.

Solo Dog

Tailored solo walks for special needs pups, ensuring individual attention and care, perfect for strolls and sniffs in their favourite locations.


In-home pet sitting for your dog, offering warmth, safety, and comfort in their own home, ensuring they’re content and secure in familiar surroundings.


Bespoke dog care, such as integrating your beloved pet into special events and occasions, with attentive, loving supervision, making memories together.

North Devon Dog Walking

Group Dog Walking

£13 per walk, two dogs from the same household for £20

At Coastal K9, we offer intimate group dog walks with a maximum of four dogs, ensuring personalized attention and safety. Our walks, ranging from 1 to 2 hours, explore various locations across North Devon, including beaches like Braunton Burrows, Woolacombe, Instow, and Westward Ho!, as well as forests like Lee Woods, Watersmeet, and Exmoor.

Olivia, the heart of Coastal K9, ensures safety through meticulous preparation and meet-and-greet sessions to understand each dog. Our focus on socialisation includes choosing compatible groups based on temperament.

We also provide convenient pick-up and drop-off services, making our group walks an easy, enjoyable experience for both dogs and owners. Scheduled in the morning and afternoon, these walks are perfect for those seeking a reliable, friendly, and safe environment.

Solo Dog Walking

£20 for a solo walk

Our Solo Dog Walking service is tailored for dogs who thrive best when they’re the sole focus of attention. Ideal for special needs, seniors, the anxious, or those requiring specific training, our solo walks are carefully crafted based on an initial consultation. Olivia’s extensive experience with various temperaments and ages allows her to create walks that meet each dog’s unique needs, whether it’s a familiar stroll for comfort or a long, energetic adventure.

The key to our solo walks is continuous, personalized attention, ensuring a fulfilling and engaging experience for each dog. With similar pick-up and drop-off logistics as our group walks, we maintain consistency and convenience for our clients.

North Devon Dog Walking
North Devon Dog Walking

Pet Sitting: Home Comforts and Tailored Care

We understand the importance of a familiar environment for pets. Our comprehensive pet-sitting service includes both daytime and overnight stays in the comfort of the pet’s own home. We provide the full range of services to, ensure your pet maintains their regular routine in your absence. Every pet’s needs and owner’s requests are attentively accommodated, ensuring complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

Our top priority is to provide a loving and safe environment for your pet. In case of emergencies, Olivia is well-prepared to respond promptly and effectively. Communication is key, and we delight pet owners with regular ‘pupdates’, keeping you informed and connected with your furry friend.

Bespoke Care: Ensuring Your Dog’s Joy in Your Big Moments

Please contact for prices

Our Bespoke North Devon Dog Care is designed for your needs. One example is seamlessly integrating your beloved dog into life’s significant events, like weddings or parties. We understand the importance of these moments and offer tailored services to ensure your dog is a worry-free, joyful part of your celebration.

We provide personalized dog supervision and integration, adapting to whatever specific needs you have for your event. The duration and scheduling of our services are entirely based on your requirements, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Fully Insured

Coastal K9 is fully insured by Pet Business Insurance, providing security and peace of mind. Our comprehensive insurance covers all aspects of our services.

North Devon Dog Care - DBS

Enhance DBS Checked

We prioritize safety by being Enhanced DBS checked, ensuring trust and reliability. Your pets are always in secure and in caring hands at Coastal K9

North Devon Dog Care - First Aid

First-Aid Trained

Our team is First Aid Trained, certified by Canine Principles. This ensures expert care in every situation, keeping your dogs safe and well-cared for.

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Q: What types of dog walking services do you offer?

A: We offer both group and solo dog walking services, tailored to meet the unique needs of each dog, ranging from socialization-focused group walks to personalized solo adventures.

Q: Are your services insured and safe?

A: Absolutely. We are fully insured, and Olivia is vetted with Enhanced DBS checks, ensuring the highest level of safety and trust.

Q: What qualifications do your dog walkers have?

A: Besides a lifetime of deep relationships with dogs, Olivia, is First Aid Trained, with certificates accredited by Canine Principles, guaranteeing expert care for your dog in all situations.

Q: How do you tailor your pet-sitting services?

A: Our pet-sitting is customized based on an initial consultation to understand your pet’s routine and needs, offering services like feeding, walking, and medication administration.

Q: Can I have my dog taken care of during a special event?

A: Yes, we offer bespoke event services to integrate your dog into significant events, such as weddings or parties, tailored to your specific requirements.

Q. What locations do you cover?

We cover the whole of North Devon (and beyond for bespoke arrangements). We have customers in Barnstaple, Bideford, Braunton, Combe Martin, Croyde, and Woolacombe,

Q: How do you ensure the comfort and safety of pets during your services?

A: We prioritize creating a loving and safe environment, with a focus on individual attention and care, and we’re prepared for emergencies with our first-aid training.

Q: Do you have Terms and Conditions?
Q. Where can I find your Meet and Greet Form?

Please click [HERE]