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The Best Spots for Dog Walking in Bideford

Dog walking in Bideford allows you to explore an ancient market town surrounded by mesmerizing landscapes; a paradise for dog lovers and their furry companions. This quaint town in North Devon is not just about picturesque views; it’s about creating unforgettable moments with your pet. Let’s embark on a journey through some of Bideford’s most dog-friendly walks.

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A Quick Plug

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Dog Walking in Bideford: Exploring the Town’s Charm

Bideford offers a variety of delightful walks for dog owners and their pets. From strolling along the historic Bideford Quay, enjoying the views of the River Torridge, to exploring the charming streets lined with unique shops and cafes, there’s something for every canine companion.

The town’s close proximity to the Tarka Trail also provides easy access to longer, scenic routes, perfect for energetic dogs. Whether you prefer a leisurely town walk or a more adventurous trail, Bideford caters to all dog walking preferences.

Bideford Quay

Bideford Bay and Hartland: A Coastal Haven

The unspoiled coastline of Bideford Bay and Hartland, celebrated by Rudyard Kipling, is a spectacle for dog walkers. Here, the National Trust protects miles of breathtaking landscapes.

  • Burrough Farm, Northam: Sloping fields leading to low wooded cliffs by the Torridge estuary, offering a mix of cove and tidal marshland views, perfect for exploratory walks with your dog. [Click Here for the Trail]
  • Kipling Tors, Westward Ho!: A gorse-covered hill with an old lookout, offering breathtaking panoramic views, ideal for a refreshing walk with your furry companion. [Click Here for the Trail]
  • Bucks Mills: A quaint fishing village with a pebbly beach, waterfall, and artistic retreats, providing a picturesque setting for leisurely dog walks. [Click Here for the Trail]
  • Brownsham: Recognized for its diverse habitats and rare plant species, this area provides quiet walking routes in a natural setting, great for nature-loving dogs and their owners. [Click Here for the Trail]
  • Windbury Head: Featuring an Iron Age enclosure and stunning sea views, it’s an ideal spot for picnics and wildlife watching with your dog. [Click Here for the Trail]
  • Peace Park, Clovelly: Surrounded by trees and offering views of Bideford Bay, this park is a serene location for a peaceful stroll with your pet. The walk down to Clovelly is a good amount of exercise! [Click Here for the Trail]
  • East Titchberry and Shipload Bay: Encompassing farmland and coast with seal-spotting opportunities, this area is excellent for adventurous dog walks. [Click Here for the Trail]
  • Eldern Point, Hartland: Close to Hartland Point, this is a picturesque place for picnics and wildlife observation, perfect for a day out with your dog [Click Here for the Trail].
  • Welcombe Mouth and South Hole: A secluded beach with fine sand and rock pools, offering a great escape for dogs who love to explore. [Click Here for more Info]
  • The Peppercombe Valley: A short walk in a secluded woodland valley with a quiet beach and rich wildlife, ideal for immersive nature walks with your dog. [Click Here for the Trail]

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Dog Walking in Bideford
The harbour at Clovelly

The Tarka Trail: Family-Friendly Exploration

The Tarka Trail, a haven for walking and cycling, is a free, dog-friendly option for a family day out. With picnic spots along the way, it’s a delightful trail for both pets and their owners.

  1. Bideford Railway Heritage Centre: Offering a glimpse into the region’s rich railway history, a great starting or finishing point for a walk on the trail.
  2. Instow Beach: A scenic spot on the trail, known for its sandy shores and beautiful views, perfect for a leisurely walk with your dog.
  3. Yelland Quay: An interesting point along the trail, known for its industrial past and diverse wildlife, offering a unique walking experience.
  4. Fremington Quay: Once a bustling port, now a picturesque spot with a cafe and heritage center, ideal for a break during your walk.
  5. Barnstaple’s Long Bridge: As you approach Barnstaple, this historic bridge presents a beautiful entry into the town, marking the end of this stretch of the trail.

These landmarks provide a mix of historical, natural, and scenic elements, enhancing the experience of walking the Tarka Trail between Bideford and Barnstaple.

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Dog walker in Barnstaple
The Tarka Trail

Highlighted Walks Beyond Bideford

  • Putsborough to Woolacombe: This path offers stunning coastal views, ideal for a refreshing walk with your dog. [Click Here for More Info]
  • Wistlandpound Reservoir, Exmoor: A serene spot surrounded by pine trees, offering easy walks within a peaceful environment. It’s a fantastic place for family outings, with your dog enjoying the tranquility. [Click Here for the Trail]
  • Torrington Commons, Torrington: a mix of hilly and forested areas, ideal for adventurous dogs who love to explore. The varied routes, with accessible water sources along the river, make it an attractive location for both pets and owners [Click Here for the Trails].

Embracing the Splendor of North Devon’s Coast

North Devon’s coast, famed for its dog-friendly beaches, is a wonderland for canine adventures. From Woolacombe Beach’s sandy shores to the hidden gems along the coast, every location promises a tail-wagging experience. To discover more dog-friendly beaches in North Devon, visit here.


Dog walking in Bideford opens up a world of scenic beauty and shared experiences. Coastal K9’s services, support your pooch with safe and adventurous walks, and ensure that every walk is a memorable one for both you and your pet. Visit our homepage for more information on our comprehensive dog care services in North Devon here.