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Best Dog Walker in Barnstaple? Coastal K9

Looking for a Dog Walker in Barnstaple? At Coastal K9, my love for dogs needs no introduction. Each stroll and adventure is crafted with heartfelt care, joy, and safety for your four-legged companions. Our commitment? To share unforgettable coastal and forest experiences, nurturing happiness and well-being for every dog we meet​​.

Dog Walker Barnstaple

Hi! I’m Olivia, Founder (and Chief Dog Walker) of Coastal K9

Hello, dog enthusiasts! I’m Olivia, the driving force behind Coastal K9. My childhood dream of bonding with dogs turned into a reality amongst North Devon’s picturesque landscapes. For me, dogs are more than pets; they’re friends, mentors, and endless sources of joy. At Coastal K9, our steps echo my youthful adventures, where North Devon’s rolling waves, vast forests, and boundless beaches were my playgrounds, alongside my loyal dog companions.

Coastal K9’s Philosophy: Connecting Spirits and Sharing Adventures

My passion transcends mere dog walking. It’s about building profound bonds with each dog’s spirit, understanding their individual needs, and immersing them in nature’s adventures. In 2022, this vision blossomed into Coastal K9, a professional commitment to dogs’ happiness and well-being. Each walk with us is an exciting tale. Whether it’s a beach sprint, forest exploration, or discovering new trails, we tailor every adventure for our canine friends’ joy and excitement​​.

Key Takeaways

  • Coastal K9 blends a deep affection for dogs with the natural allure of North Devon.
  • Olivia’s unique approach goes beyond walking: it’s about creating deep connections and memorable adventures.
  • Safety, care, and tailored experiences are the cornerstones of Coastal K9’s services.

Coastal K9’s Comprehensive Services

Group and Solo Dog Walking

We recognize that each dog has its own set of needs. That’s why we offer both group and solo dog walking services. Our group walks focus on socialization, while solo adventures are personalized to cater to your dog’s unique preferences and requirements​​.

Pet-Sitting Services

Our pet-sitting service is tailored to your furry friend’s routine and needs. We take care of everything: feeding, walking, and even medication administration, ensuring your pet feels loved and cared for, even when you’re away​​.

Event Services

Want your dog to be part of a special event? We’ve got you covered. Our bespoke event services integrate your dog into significant occasions like weddings or parties, tailored to your specific needs​​.

Safety and Trust at Coastal K9

Comprehensive Insurance and Enhanced DBS Checks

Rest assured, Coastal K9 is fully insured, providing security and peace of mind. Our comprehensive insurance covers all aspects of our services, and with Enhanced DBS checks, you can trust that your pets are in the safest hands​​​​.

First-Aid Trained Team

Our team’s first-aid training, certified by Canine Principles, ensures expert care in every situation. We’re prepared to keep your furry friends safe and well-cared for, no matter what​​.

Dog Walking Barnstaple: Embracing the Coastal Lifestyle with Your Dog

Exploring the Tarka Trail with Coastal K9

The Tarka Trail: A Haven for Dogs and Nature Lovers

As a dog walker in Barnstaple, the Tarka Trail is a regular visit. It is a jewel in North Devon, that offers a serene and beautiful landscape, ideal for dog walking. This trail, winding through the lush countryside and along the scenic coast, provides a perfect setting for dogs to explore and enjoy nature’s bounty.

At Coastal K9, we frequently incorporate the Tarka Trail into our dog-walking adventures. The trail’s diverse environments, from wooded areas to open fields, offer a variety of sensory experiences for dogs. We believe that walks along this trail not only invigorate your pet physically but also enrich them mentally, making each outing an exploration.

Dog walker in Barnstaple
Photo courtesy of Braunton Countryside Centre

The Magic of the Tarka Trail

The Tarka Trail offers a diverse range of environments, from wooded valleys to expansive estuaries, making it a perfect setting for dogs of all breeds and temperaments. As they trot along this historic trail, your canine companions will experience a sensory feast. The sights, sounds, and scents of the countryside come alive, offering a stimulating and enriching experience far beyond the confines of a typical dog walk.

Dog walker in Barnstaple
Tark Trail – Photo courtesy of Tree Top Escape

Tailor-Made Adventures

At Coastal K9, we understand that every dog is unique. That’s why our Tarka Trail walks are carefully tailored to suit the individual needs of each dog. Whether your furry friend enjoys a stroll along the riverbanks or energetic runs through open fields, we ensure their walk is a perfect match for their personality and energy levels.

A Safe and Secure Experience

Safety is a cornerstone of our philosophy. The Tarka Trail, with its well-maintained paths and clear signage, provides a secure environment for dog walking. Our team, equipped with first-aid training and comprehensive insurance, ensures that your dog’s adventure is not only exhilarating but also safe.

Photo courtesy of Marsdens

The Beauty of North Devon’s Coast

North Devon’s coast, a tapestry of blue seas and golden sands, is a paradise for dogs and their owners. The region’s natural splendor provides an idyllic backdrop for dog walking. Coastal K9 taps into this beauty, ensuring that every walk is not just a routine exercise but an immersion in nature.

Themed Walks by Coastal K9

We at Coastal K9 take pride in offering themed walks that go beyond the ordinary. Our forest trails and coastal explorations are not just walks; they are adventures. Each trail is chosen for its beauty and suitability for our furry clients, ensuring a unique and memorable experience every time.

The Coastal K9 Promise: Safety, Fun, and Freedom

Our promise at Coastal K9 is simple: to provide a safe, fun, and liberating experience for every dog in our care. We blend our passion for the outdoors with a commitment to animal welfare, ensuring every walk is a joyful and secure adventure.


Q: Are you a dog walker in Barnstaple?
A: Yes, Coastal K9 is located just outside of town and we cater for the whole North Devon area​​.

Q: What types of dog walking services do you offer?
A: We offer both group and solo walks, tailored to meet each dog’s unique needs​​.

Q: Are your services insured and safe?
A: Absolutely. We’re fully insured and Olivia is vetted with Enhanced DBS checks​​.

Q: What makes Coastal K9 different from other dog walking services?
A: Our unique themed walks and deep understanding of dog behavior set us apart.

Q: Can my dog join Coastal K9 walks while I’m on holiday in North Devon?
A: Absolutely! We welcome holidaymakers’ dogs to join in the fun.