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Celebrating North Devon Dogs Trust

At Coastal K9, while we have no affiliation with North Devon Dogs Trust, we can’t help but admire their incredible work. As passionate dog lovers and a local dog walking company, we feel inspired to share the remarkable efforts of this charitable organization.

The Mission of North Devon Dogs Trust

North Devon Dogs Trust

The North Devon Dogs Trust, located in a serene wooded valley near the region’s sandy beaches, embodies a commitment to canine welfare. This 40-kennel center not only provides shelter but also ensures a loving and caring environment for each dog. Their team, along with enthusiastic volunteers, play a vital role in nurturing and rehoming dogs, aiming to find a forever home for each of their doggy guests​​​​.

Exploring the Facilities: A Look Inside North Devon Dogs Trust

The facilities at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe are designed to offer a nurturing and comfortable environment for dogs. The center, refurbished in 2013, features modern kennels with amenities like underfloor heating, ensuring the dogs’ comfort. The enrichment garden, a notable feature, provides a sensory-rich space where dogs can engage in activities that cater to their natural instincts. This garden, equipped with various play areas and calming plants, plays a crucial role in enhancing the dogs’ emotional and physical well-being​.

Coastal K9’s Alignment with Dogs Trust Values

At Coastal K9, our approach to dog care resonates with the values of the North Devon Dogs Trust. We prioritize personalized attention, understanding that every dog has unique needs and preferences. Our services, ranging from group walks on North Devon’s scenic beaches to solo walks for special needs dogs, reflect a commitment to canine happiness and well-being that echoes the ethos of Dogs Trust​​​​​​.

North Devon Dogs Trust
You can help dogs like Dash find their forever home.

Success Stories: Happy Tails from North Devon Dogs Trust

The North Devon Dogs Trust has been instrumental in creating countless happy endings. Each year, they successfully rehome hundreds of dogs, offering them a second chance at life. These success stories are a testament to the dedication and love that the Trust’s team invests in every canine under their care. By visiting the center, prospective adopters can witness the joy and transformation these dogs experience, finding the perfect new companion in the process​​​​.

Supporting North Devon Dogs Trust

Community support plays a crucial role in the success of Dogs Trust. There are several ways to contribute, such as donating items like treats, toys, and blankets, or choosing something from their Amazon Wish List. Volunteering opportunities are abundant, from hands-on dog walking to assisting in their shop. These acts of kindness are vital in helping the Trust continue their important work​​​​​​.

FAQs About North Devon Dogs Trust and Dog Welfare

  • How can I adopt a dog from North Devon Dogs Trust? Visit their center during opening hours for general browsing or contact them for specific queries regarding adoption​​.
  • What items are most needed for donations? The Trust appreciates pre-loved donations like treats, toys, towels, and blankets. However, they request no clothing, electrical items, or furniture​​.
  • Can I volunteer at the Trust? Yes, they offer various volunteering opportunities, including dog walking and shop assistance​​.

Coastal K9 – North Devon Dog Walking

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